Senator Brain Fart Beck

brain fart



noun: brain fart; plural noun: brain farts

1.    a temporary mental lapse.

"I try to think of something, but experience a brain fart"

Well, it could have been a worth-while discussion.   Traditional conservatives and libertarians alike believe that a user tax is fairer than a progressive tax imposed on everyone.  It is practically holy writ among conservatives -- just ask Paul Mulshine, New Jersey's most respected conservative columnist.

But that's conservatives and libertarians who think that way.  Then there are Republicans like Jennifer Beck.  Senator Beck thinks that "progressive" taxation on everyone is better than making people who use a service or convenience pay their own way.  Of course, Senator Beck is a "progressive" Republican.

Senator Beck is a co-sponsor of S-283.  Her legislation allows a man, with a penis, to become a legal "woman", simply by saying that he is seeing a therapist and then re-submitting his birth certificate to reflect his "new sex".  No surgery required. 

And it won't be recorded as an "amended" birth certificate.  It will be filed as the original.  The government will pretend that it can go back in time to correct the "perception" of the doctors and nurses who saw a child with a penis and checked "male".  The government will, in fact, lie and pretend that the attending physician checked "female" when, of course, he did not.    

Yep, it could have been a serious policy discussion.  Beck could have argued her point, respectfully disagreeing while working towards a consensus that would help the people of New Jersey.  Instead, Senator Beck decided to turn it into a political talking point.  You see, having lost her two running mates last year to the Democrats, she plans to use this issue to run with two NEW running mates next year.  Oh yes, her plan is to screw over conservative Republican Caroline Casagrande.  Too conservative.

So instead of an open, honest, and adult discussion with Republican Senators Steve Oroho and Joe Kyrillos, Senator Beck does the talk radio routine and holds rallies -- lots of shouting and noise and emotion.  Designed to stop action but not to get anything accomplished. 


Could it be that Jennifer Beck knows that her so-called plan was conceived in the midst of a brain fart -- with all the hype and lack of substance of a poorly planned contestant at a talent fest?  Does Beck, deep down, know that her plan won't stand up to the scrutiny of a public debate?