808,676 sex offenders would agree with Sen. Lesniak

Senator Ray Lesniak (D-Azz) is a politician on the make.  Once upon a time he was the king of pay-to-play.  He even defended the practice and it was reported by the media.  But then they changed the law, made it stricter, and now he has to look for new ways to trouser campaign cash.

The LGBT lobby is flush with cash.  Remember how Steve Goldstein snorted and threatened the Democratic Party when Garden State Equality didn't get its way in 2009-10?  Old Ray was always good at minding other people's wallets.  The guy can smell money a long way off and knows how to pick a mark.  He wants some of that "gay" money.

And so he's going to put on a show this coming Thursday, May 5th, in front of the Senate State Government Committee.  He's pulling in favors from other Senators (of both parties) in order to get them to pass out of committee his legislation (S-2043) that is a response to a law passed by the Legislature in North Carolina that seeks to prevent anatomical males from using the private facilities (toilets and such) of women and girls.  According to Lesniak, S-2043 would "ban non-essential state funded travel to North Carolina to protest its law prohibiting municipalities from passing laws protecting the LGBT community from discrimination."

New Jersey is an economic sinkhole with record child poverty, foreclosure, homeless, joblessness, and hopelessness and this is what the "honorables" are focused on -- even though Lesniak himself admits publicly and in writing that "S-2043 faces a certain veto by Governor Christie."

So why are we wasting our time on crap like this?

Are rich gay people really so powerful that they can hold up everything to focus on b.s. fashion statements?  Is their money so important to fashionably-correct politicians like Ray Lesniak? Guess so.

This whole economic boycott thing is really juvenile.  It is an admission by politicians like Ray Lesniak, Loretta Weinberg, Reed Gusicora, and Tim Eustace that because they cannot do anything to fix New Jersey's failing economy they will focus on damaging the more successful economy of a state like North Carolina.

And it is being answered in kind.  Target is one of those corporations that Lesniak praises for joining in the boycott of North Carolina -- only now, Target is itself the target of an economic boycott by more than a million consumers that has already knocked $2.5 billion off the value of the company's stock.

Is this America now?  Is this who we are?  Trying to destroy the economy of a state because of how its elected Legislature voted?  Whatever happened to respect for democracy and democratic outcomes?

And what happens when states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania enact travel bans on New Jersey for its failure to uphold the Second Amendment?  One such bill is already in the works by a Pittsburgh-area legislator.  Another has a bill that whacks New Jersey companies like Johnson & Johnson for its failure to warn women of the threat by its products of ovarian cancer. 

Is this our future?  Is this going to be the focus of the legislative process from now on?  Unable to fix our own economies we will focus on destroying the economies of other states?  We suppose it is one way of improving New Jersey's dismal standing in all those rating charts, but it won't create any jobs or address homelessness or hunger.

The problem that the elected Legislature of the State of North Carolina sought to address is a real one.  There are 808,676 registered sex offenders in the United States and at least that many victims.  That's those we know about.  Heck, one of the LGBT leaders fighting the law in North Carolina -- a local Chamber of Commerce President -- was himself a registered sex offender.  Shouldn't reasonable people be able to get together and talk like human beings and find a way to protect women and girls from being sexually assaulted, while at the same time preventing any overt discrimination? 

Or are we really past the point of talking?  Is it really going to be a case of "you destroy ours and we'll destroy yours" from now on?  That's like the end of civilized human behavior.  How depressing.

Pandering politicians like Ray Lesniak don't help any.  This guy is so bad that he pulled down the American flag off his letterhead and put an LGBT "rainbow" flag there instead.  What's wrong with Lesniak?  Does he no longer represent all the people of his district or is it the case that only LGBT lives matter?

The problem is money.  Money drives the agenda.  Money moves some b.s. fashion statement to the front of the line.  We have to stop the undemocratic affect money has on policy.  Here's how we do it...