Why bully Clifton when you can celebrate with us?

In political fundraising, conflict generates cash.  And if you really want to raise money, find yourself a hate object and create something for which you can be offended.  Even so, we find the "offense" behind Garden State Equality's latest hate object -- the town of Clifton -- a bit of a stretch.  According to the whiney release from Chris Fuscarino, GSE's new executive director, Clifton hasn't flown the rainbow flag and so the sky is falling.  Wow, they haven't flown the German flag either, but that hasn't sent the town's German-American population into the streets screaming.

Screw Clifton if they don't want to party.  Last week, we invited you to come party with us this weekend at Lambertville-New Hope Pride and yes, they will have all the rainbow flags you could ever ask for.  They even have a super-duper rainbow flag that will be a big feature at Saturday's parade.  What more could you ask for?

So here's that invitation again (and we're sending it special to Tim and Reed):

May 11, 2016

Mr. Christian Fuscarino,

Executive Director

Garden State Equality

40 South Fullerton Ave.

Montclair, NJ 07042


Dear Christian,

In ten days, Saturday May 21st, Lambertville and New Hope will be holding their annual Pride Parade.  The event begins at 11:30am in Lambertville and crosses the Delaware River Peace Bridge into New Hope.  About 15,000 are expected to attend.

We would like you to join us in the festivities.  As the event is being held in Assemblyman Reed Gusciora's district, we suggest you invite him and Assemblyman Tim Eustace as well.  It would be a great opportunity to talk person-to-person, without the artifice of politics to obscure things.

Both Assemblymen -- Reed and Tim -- have suggested that they would be supportive of legislation to protect religious freedom, so long as a way can be found to prevent overt discrimination.  And we believe that together we can find a way to provide women and girls with a choice, so that they are not forced to use the same intimate facilities as anatomical males.

But don't worry.  We won't let this get heavy.  This is more about enjoying each other's company, having a few beers, and taking in the festivities.  So hopefully you can spend the time and enjoy the parade with us.


Yours for the First Amendment,

Jersey Conservative


Hey guys, we could have a sing-along!  Just picture it.  A concordat of souls putting aside their policy and political differences to enjoy each other's company, on the level, as human beings.  Maybe we could get our bartender to put on some classic sub-pop and we could do a little Jesse Bernstein.  Now here's a classic...