Sabrin: Trump vs. GOP insiders

By Murray Sabrin, Ph.D.

Simple Definition of scumbag : a dishonest, unkind, or unpleasant person

To ask the question whether GOP insiders are scumbags is to answer it. Donald Trump’s front runner status for the GOP presidential nomination is ripping off the facade that the insiders believe in "democracy,” namely, that primary voters should choose the party's presidential candidate. With Trump well on his way to winning the GOP nomination, the long knives are coming out from elected officials in Congress to current and former governors and former other elected officials who have gone on the record stating they will refuse to support the New York billionaire if he wins the nomination. In fact, many of them are already discussing a third-party "conservative" option or have expressed support for Hillary Clinton.

Once again, GOP insiders revealing their hypocrisy that the GOP is a "big tent." In fact, the GOP has become a single-issue party, unequivocal support for military intervention anywhere in the world.  If GOP candidates do not toe the line, so-called party loyalty is thrown out the window and the candidate is demonized in the most ugly ways possible. (Review the GOP's treatment of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 when he basically said the same thing about US intervention around the world that Trump is now saying.)

Donald Trump is speaking truth to power just as Ron Paul did in the last two presidential campaigns. The reason Donald Trump is getting so much traction is that the grassroots finally wised up to the mendacity of the political insiders and the GOP establishment in Washington DC, who lied us into war, spent like drunken sailors for several decades when they held the strings of power in the White House and Congress, and cut deals with Democrats to maintain the welfare – warfare state. In short, blowback is a bitch.  And the insiders can't stand it one iota.

Despite all his flaws on economic policies, a Trump presidency would be a success if he pursues a noninterventionist foreign policy.  Military spending is a huge drag on the economy and intervening around the world where our military is “pissing” on other people (killing innocents and destroying their property) at the behest of the warmongers and telling them it is raining is not the way to build friends across the globe. 

So Donald, embrace free enterprise and limited government and a noninterventionist foreign policy, and you will make America great again!

Murray Sabrin is a Professor of Finance at Ramapo College and the co-founder and president of Conger LH,