Sen. Weinberg silent on rape threat

Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-Corzine) has a history of trying to shame New Jersey Republicans for not speaking out about the antics of some of their allies on the national scene.  Turnabout is fair play.

A story developed over the last week or so that illustrates how different the pro-choice (abortion, not schools) and feminist movements have become.  Much of the pro-choice (abortion, not schools) movement has devolved into a sort of grassroots lobby for the abortion industry's corporate monopoly, Planned Parenthood.   That Planned Parenthood has also attempted to corner the market on the delivery of women's reproductive health care and family planning services is a measure of both its corporate marketing and political lobbying prowess.  Ford Motor can only dream of having customers as devoted as those of Planned Parenthood.  And every independent provider forced out means more government income -- topped off by client fees -- for Planned Parenthood's nascent monopoly. 

When a male university staff member threatened to rape pro-life women in a public exchange on Twitter, we had expected to see people like Senator Weinberg call him out.  Not only was the staff member explicit as to the age of the women he was considering raping ("wife/daughter/great grandmother") he implied that he charges (clients?) to rape women.  The staff member, let's call him Mr. Yum Yum, makes it sound like he once worked for a Serbian paramilitary organization.

Below is a rather disturbing photo of Mr. Yum Yum, taken from social media and posted by several mainstream media sources.  You wouldn't want to appear in an ad with this guy, would you Senator?

We were surprised when we didn't hear anything from Senator Weinberg.  Is she down with the tactics of Mr. Yum Yum?  Well, let's ask her.

Dear Senator Weinberg, please let us know how you feel about the tactics of this university staff member and ideological fellow-traveler.  We will be happy to publish your response.

We will be following up on this, and we certainly urge the Senator to take our offer.  We understand that she already has a primary opponent in the wings who has begun working the 30 percent or so of her adult population who attend weekly religious services.  So get your response in to us asap.