Republican on Republican rape is hard to watch

By Rubashov

They sense vulnerability like wolves at a frat party.  But it is the vulnerability of friends, of teammates, of your best friend's sister.  It follows that most rape victims know their rapist.  And so it is here.

Despite what Mr. Trump says, the Democrats do not appear to have such rapists in their ranks.  At least not at this time.  In preparation for 2017, they are putting aside differences, policy differences are being explained and defended -- each side protecting the other -- for the sake of the mission.  Their unity is like clear blue water between them and whatever one chooses to call what we have.

Their mission is us.  We should be preparing for the shock of it that will come.

But instead, the wolves are watching, focused, coming to attention at the first discomfort shown.  Look at how that one stumbles.  That one too... is it time now?  With smiles of innocence and protestations of principle do they lead their prey into darker quarters.  Do not pay attention to what we are doing.  Here, lay down... lay down here.  Rest.  Sleep.

And when it is being done, it will be done to the cheers of a mob.  All snake flags and red-white-and-blue.