The grassroots Left rejects ACR-4 and SCR-188

Matt Friedman made an interesting observation today on the attempt by a few Democrat machine bosses to re-write the state constitution to establish a one-party democracy.  He noted that even the liberal groups that sought the Democrat Party's support in reforming the redistricting process oppose what they are trying to do with ACR-4 and SCR-188.

He quoted Ms. Analilia Mejia of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, who wrote:  "NJ Working Families has advocated for a comprehensive package of voting rights and process reforms that together would ensure New Jersey voters interests come first.  We were deeply disappointed to see just one element of this comprehensive voter empowerment package make it to this stage of the legislative process, but we look forward to working with legislators in strengthening New Jersey's democracy and making sure every eligible voter has a real voice."

Of course, the only part of that comprehensive package that the bosses care about is the bit that can be manipulated to give them more power -- in this case, unfettered power.

We think activist Ralph Nader is on to something in a book he published in 2014 called "Unstoppable:  The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State."  Nader cites several examples of successful Left-Right alliances and argues that, regardless of ideology, activist grassroots groups represent the same disenfranchised electorate.  It is for the benefit of the political class and its corporate crony partners that we are effectively split and set at each other's throats.  Together, we represent over 90 percent of the voters and we could bring real reform to the political process if we could see our common dilemma and common opponent.

So we applaud Analilia Mejia and the New Jersey Working Families Alliance for refusing to support one-party democracy and its plainly fascist intent.  Every legislative seat is the people's seat.  No seats should belong to an innately corrupt enterprise like a political party.  Bring in the Iowa redistricting plan and cut 40 competitive districts.  Let everyone's vote count equally regardless of where he or she lives.

Friedman makes the point that not one citizen or organization testified in support of ACR-4 or SCR-188, which in our opinion, exposes the move for the top-down boss scumbag deal that it is.  He cites Assemblyman John McKeon, one of the sponsors, as deriding some of those who showed up to testify against his fascist attempt to impose one-party democracy:  "...much of the opposition was from tea-party Republicans, some of them married to each other."

Wow, what a hand job!  What's the big deal with bringing your spouse to Trenton to exercise your rights as a citizen and human being to address those of "power"? 

We understand that some of those honorables who exercise such power would never consider bringing a spouse to Trenton, but that's only because they wouldn't want them to meet the she or he who occupies the same role in Trenton.  It must terrify some politicians to see married couples showing up in Trenton.  It could start a trend..