Belgard lies about group that helps pregnant women

September 25  - They did it again.  Democrat congressional candidate Aimee Belgard's campaign put out a statement that attacked a New Jersey women's center.  As reported in the Burlington County Times (September 23, 2014), Belgard's campaign claimed that her opponent, Republican Tom MacArthur "even gave $24,000 to an organization known for intimidating pregnant women so he could 'promote a culture of life'."

The subject of Aimee Belgard's attacks are the people who run the 1st Choice Women's Health Center.  According to the Burlington County Times (September 18, 2014):  "The nonprofit operates crisis pregnancy centers in Morristown, Jersey City, Newark  and Montclair.  According to the group's website, the clinics provide free pregnancy tests and options counseling, ultrasound tests to confirm pregnancies, emergency contraception information, information about abortion 'risks and procedures', select sexually-transmitted infection screenings, counseling about healthy relationships, and post-abortion support."

That's right.  This non-profit organization actually provides support and counseling for women after they have an abortion.

This is the second time in as many weeks that Aimee Belgard has allowed her campaign to launch attacks on people who help pregnant women in some of the state's most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.  Last week, Belgard's campaign issued a statement that was clearly over-the-top in its denunciations and accusations:  "Now we've learned that he has funded a crisis pregnancy center that uses psychological scare tactics on vulnerable women who are seeking medical advice.  It's reprehensible that MacArthur would support this type of organization."

When asked by the media if Belgard could produce a single example of these "scare tactics", her campaign could not.  The Burlington County Times (September 18, 2014) reported:  "Belgard's campaign provided no documentation of any specific complaints about 1st Choice Women's Health Center and its various New Jersey clinics."  In other words, Aimee Belgard lied.

Is sadistic too strong a word for someone who claims that a financially struggling, working class woman in Newark or Jersey City should be limited in her choice to only one option -- abortion?

Aimee Belgard is an elected politician with a salary from the taxpayers and she collected a six-figure income from the corporate law firm she was with for over a decade.  Her husband owns his own business and together they make a good living.  But not everyone is as fortunate as Aimee Belgard.

What happens if you are a single mom or acouple struggling to make ends meet and you want help figuring out how you can keep your baby?  Aimee Belgard says that you shouldn't have that option -- you shouldn't have choice, just abortion.

Many of us know Aimee Belgard from those St. Patrick's Day celebrations she appears involved with, but I'm not sure she gets the message of Saint Patrick beyond the parades, beer, and green clothing.  The good Saint embraced a culture of life and tried to banish a primitive paganism and its culture of death.  Whose side are you on, Aimee?