Conservative action targets terrorism and taxes

Conservatives are acting locally this week on both global and statewide issues. 

First up is international terrorism.  A hodgepodge of socialist and anti-Israel groups have joined up with local Democrats to hold a rally at Newton Green in Sussex County this weekend. The goal of this rally -- scheduled for noon on Saturday, December 5th -- is to show support for having the United Nations vet and place mainly Islamist refugees from the conflict in Syria into communities here in America.  This has become controversial since the massacre of young concert-goers in Paris by Islamist terrorists, at least one of whom got into Europe posing as a refugee from Syria.

One group sponsoring the event is so anti-American that it has led protests against United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard recruitment centers.  That they have done so at a time when such centers have been the objects of planned terrorist attacks -- leading to the deaths of the American heroes pictured below -- is despicable. 

Speaker Vinnie Prieto, a Democrat, could do something positive by allowing bills proposed by Assemblymen Bob Auth and Ron Dancer to the floor for a vote.  Speaker Vinnie, show your solidarity with the men and women in uniform who protect freedom by releasing A-4821 and AR-265.

But instead, Speaker Prieto and other Democrats have been making mewing noises similar to groups like the Socialist Alternative of New Jersey, a sponsor of Saturday's rally.  The crap these cats spew is real disgusting.

Now local conservatives have had enough and are doing their own rally to show that average Americans still support America's military service men and women and oppose the idea of the United Nations telling Americans who they must take into their communities.  As Europe is learning to its horror, you cannot effectively vet a refugee from a place like Syria -- a country over which we have no control or even normal diplomatic relations.

For information on the counter-rally in Newton, which is being organized through Facebook, go to

Meanwhile, Americans for Prosperity have launched a grassroots campaign to defeat efforts by Trenton Democrats to pass a hike in the state's gasoline tax without a corresponding cut in taxes somewhere else.  Led by Assembly Transportation Chairman John "Show Boat" Wisniewski, a member of the legal caste with a penchant for screwing working people, the Democrats have been advocating a "gas tax hike ONLY" approach.  Surprising?  It shouldn't be.  It's more for them to give to their vendor friends who fund their campaigns to spend.  That's who matters.  To the worker who must pay an extra hundred or so each month to commute to the job he's lucky to have, Democrat Wisniewski has these words for you:  Screw You and be grateful that we haven't taken it all!

If you want to help AFP stick it to old "Show Boat", they are running a telephone bank that you can participate in.  Check out their campaign on Facebook: