Advice for Assemblyman-elect Zwicker

Assemblyman-elect Andrew Zwicker is coming to Trenton having defeated a Republican incumbent on November 3rd.  He is one of four new Democrat incumbents.

The new Assemblyman takes great pride in being a scientist and objectively considering all sides of a question.  Unfortunately, the positions he has taken as a Democrat candidate for Congress in 2014 and Assembly in 2015 have been unremarkable.  Unlike say, a Bernie Sanders, Andrew Zwicker has adopted the usual and customary positions that any aspiring Democrat takes when he or she wants to (a) attract money from wealthy liberals and (b) attract votes from the rather narrow Democrat base.

Then there's the matter of who Andrew  Zwicker chose as a running mate this year.  Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-38) preaches to us that every candidate for public office is responsible for those he or she runs with.  According to the teachings of Brother Eustace, if you don't vet, it's on you.

And so we turn to the former Municipal Court Judge that Andrew Zwicker selected as his running mate:  the Honorable Maureen "Peace Train" Vella, Esquire (that's the uppity old-English title that lawyers give themselves -- as if we needed any more proof that they are not of or by this Republic).

The Honorable Judge Vella appears to have been particularly weak in the kind of sentences she handed down -- especially for crimes like domestic violence.  Here are just a couple of many examples:

In one case of "domestic violence."  A male assaulted and did "bodily injury" to a female victim by beating her with a belt.  He also harassed and threatened her.  Special bail conditions were imposed:  "No phone, mail or other personal contact w(ith the) victim" and "No possession of firearms/weapons," but the sentence imposed was arguably light:  A $250 fine and costs of $33.

In another case, a male repeatedly went to a woman's workplace for the purpose of harassing her.  He called her a "bitch" and then assaulted her, "grabbing (her) hair and forcing (her) head into the side of a kitchen oven..."  Charges were dismissed by the Judge.

Per Brother Eustace, Assemblyman-elect Zwicker owns the record of his running mate every bit as much as Mr. Mark DiPisa was made to own the record of his. So we will be watching the Assemblyman-elect very closely and what he says and how he votes on issues like importing potential terrorists into the United States and on crime in general.  We hope we won't have to remind voters of who he was happy to run with in 2015 and of her record on crime.

So congratulations, Assemblyman-elect Zwicker, and stay on the straight and narrow.