Prieto puts P.C. before the lives of Americans

The Democrats' Speaker Prieto would rather add more photos to these victims of terror, than not be politically correct.

The boss of New Jersey's Assembly Democrats, Vincent "Limp Vinnie" Prieto, issued a public statement today (drafted by sometime journalist, sometime political hack, Tom "whatever pays" Hester) that was monstrous in its conceit.  It let the world know that Limp Vinnie Prieto is willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent Americans on the altar of political correctness.

In it, Speaker Prieto accused Governor Chris Christie of "xenophobia" for suggesting that America properly police its borders and hold off taking in new immigrants from Syria in light of the ongoing investigations into Syrian involvement in the terrorist killings of more than 120 people in France last Friday night.  Looks like another case of P.C. uber alles.

Ever notice that when they can't think of anything original to say, idiots like Prieto will use the term "phobia" to excuse themselves from having to make a rational argument?  Today it is "xenophobia" -- the fear of discussing our government's failure to secure its borders against narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, illegal firearms, and terrorism.  Tomorrow it will be "Mistressphobia" -- the fear of discussing how many jobs are held by people who have seen various Democrat legislators naked.  Whenever you don't want to discuss something, call it a "phobia", pull your shorts down around your ankles, and then hop away.

Speaker Prieto is the very worst kind of hypocrite -- supporting restrictions on Cuba that led to thousands trying to reach America by raft -- while weeping crocodile tears over those trying to reach Europe by raft.  Prieto tries to blame Governor Chris Christie for the drowning deaths in the attempt by Syrians to reach Europe, while he ignores the drowning deaths of Cubans trying to reach the United States. 

Speaker Prieto even attacked President Obama when he lifted restrictions on Cuba in 2014, telling the Hudson Reporter (December 21, 2014) that he "does not want the restrictions lifted."  So while he pretends concern for Syrian children, Speaker Prieto didn't give a damn about the children of Cuba who, according to United Nations reports, were harmed by the restrictions he supports. 

Under the restrictions that Prieto supports, Cuban children and their parents were denied access to technology, medicine, affordable food, and other goods.  According to a report commissioned by the American Association for World Health, under those restrictions, doctors in Cuba had access to less than 50 percent of the drugs on the world market.  The same report stated that food shortages led to a 33 percent decline in caloric intake between 1989 and 1993.  The report went on: "It is our expert medical opinion that the U.S. embargo has caused a significant rise in suffering-and even deaths-in Cuba." 

In 2011, Amnesty International reported: "Treatments for children and young people with bone cancer... [and] antiretroviral drugs used to treat children with HIV/AIDS" were not readily available with the restrictions in place because "they were commercialized under US patents."  And yet the same politician who supported these restrictions -- leader of the Assembly Democrats, Speaker Vincent "Limp Vinnie" Prieto, has the monstrous hypocrisy to call out Governor Christie for his prudent calls to restrict the flow of Syrian immigrants into the United States in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris that left hundreds of innocents killed and wounded. 

As Francois Hollande, the President of France said to his people:  "The Paris attacks were decided and planned in Syria, organized in Belgium and carried out in France." 

Only an uncaring fool would place the lives of Americans at risk in order to make a P.C. fashion statement.  Only an uncaring fool like Limp Vinnie Prieto.