Chair Currie proves Dems have a sense of humor

It was a moment of mock seriousness when Democrat State Committee Chair John Currie commented on an aside made by Republican Assemblyman Parker Space to his Democrat opponent at a debate Tuesday night.  Trying his best to maintain self-control, Currie said that the "episode was no laughing matter."

We all thought he was about to lose it but you have to hand it to the gentleman, he has self-control.  Tight-lipped and buttock-clenched he continued:  "Elected officials have a solemn duty to work on behalf of their constituents to promote a safer, more prosperous New Jersey.  Assemblyman Space’s statements from last night suggest that he is neither capable of nor interested in fulfilling those responsibilities."

And then we all started laughing, rolling around on the floor, crying even.  There wasn't a dry pair of underpants in the room. 

Who did they get to write that?  Maybe it was the lobbyist who signs all Currie's checks -- Democrat State Committee Treasurer Kelly Stewart Maer.  Remember her, Mr. Chairman?  Did you keep track of all those critters she lobbied for during the past twenty or so years?  Those are not mere words, those are actions.

Your Treasurer -- the person who signs off on every expenditure made by your committee -- is a master of the over-the-top hyperbole  you are engaging in now. Need we remind you that in 2003 (when she was a lobbyist shilling for the corporate man) she actually accused Senator Loretta Weinberg of pandering to pedophiles.  We shit you not Mr. Chairman.  That's the hammer your Treasurer laid down on Senator Loretta -- and mightily pissed she was too. 

Now we don't want to be telling you your job, Mr. Chairman, but you used the words "solemn duty."  Are you kidding?  You have Democrats in the Legislature who think it's their "solemn duty" to have their love-interests employed at taxpayers' expense.  Need we go there?

But hey, if you really and truly are concerned about elected officials who appear unwilling or disinterested in fulfilling their "solemn duty" to "promote a safer, more prosperous New Jersey" then we want you to call this number...

(856) 251-9801

You recognize that number?  Yep, it belongs to your good buddy Senate President Steve Sweeney.  Now brother Sweeney has bottled up an important piece of legislation designed to crack down on this...

You, Chairman Currie, you should call Senate President Sweeney and ask him... no, Mr. Chairman you should INSIST that Senate President Sweeney allow that legislation to come to the floor for a vote when the Senate is in session after the election.

See, Mr. Chairman, until you can GUARANTEE that violent attacks like this will not happen to New Jersey families people will want the right to protect themselves from violence, bodily harm, and death.  And with police response times falling in poorer and working class areas, it is especially important that people are allowed to defend themselves.  After all, the Democrat Party can hardly ask people to suffer violence and death just so a few rich lobbyists can make a fashion statement.