Will they pull down JFK’s statues too?

Remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  He was the Senator from Massachusetts when he ran for President in 1960, took on Vice President Richard Nixon, and won.  Check out this election advertisement from that campaign:

Did you get that appeal to Southern White Voters?

Yes, that’s a representation of a rebel flag made up of Kennedy buttons at the 53 seconds mark.

Kennedy needed Democrat states in the South to win what was one of the closest presidential contests in American history.  He went on to win North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas – 49 percent of the vote and an electoral college majority.

Kennedy wasn’t the last Democrat to use such an appeal to Southern voters…


Take a look at that red MAGA-style cap.  Hillary had them before Donald!

We wonder how long it will take the new Democratic Socialist wing of the Democrats to get around to purging all mention of these folks too?  They will.  At some point in the future they will consider it non-PC to mention any but them.

Pastor Brad Winship: How to Survive the Apocalypse

Our culture is infatuated with apocalyptic entertainment.  It is as if people sense judgment day is coming.  But it is not as if people are being Biblical in this genre because the main character always finds a way to escape the punishment that fall on everyone else.  People are finding false assurance by projecting themselves on the main character.

In this week’s program, I do not discuss how to physically escape the apocalypse with bomb shelters and food rations, but the spiritual preparations described in the book of the Revelation.  We overcome by the word of our testimony and by not loving our lives even when faced with death (Revelation 12:11).  In a sense we survive the apocalypse by not surviving the apocalypse.

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A.O.C. and Cory Booker would get A+’s from AFP

Did you catch AFP’s latest score card?  The one where every far-left Democrat in the state got rewarded with an “A” or “A+” because they supported AFP’s crazy ideas about going soft on crime in America? 

It’s official.  Americans for Prosperity has left the building.  AFP has walked away from American conservatism and has become a hodgepodge of fashion statements pumped out of the bunghole of Koch Petroleum. 

Relentlessly anti-working man/woman and anti-Trump, AFP now seeks to join the most far-left Democrat Socialists to reward criminal behavior, empower convicts at the ballot box, and roll back the clock on the Reagan-era tough-on-crime prescriptions that have driven down the crime rate across America.  AFP wants to ignore the facts, when the facts are clear:

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 2.16.29 PM.png

AFP wants to screw up what’s worked and turn that ship around.  In a few years or so, we can all look forward to a return to the crime rates of the past that AFP now appears to forget.  Once upon a time, before Rudy Giuliani, when they made movies like “Death Wish” to dramatize the terror that stalked American streets. 

Strap yourself in boys and girls… for the Great Re-Learning!

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 2.19.20 PM.png

The people who run Koch Petroleum operate AFP as a lobbying unit of their globalist business empire.  Once-upon-a-time the Koch operation included the Libertarian Party.  One of the Koch brothers even ran for Vice President – against the ticket of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush – on a platform that included the legalization of all forms of drug use and prostitution, as well as removing the legal protections for children, making them no different from consenting adults. 

The Kochs tried to take over the Republican Party… to remake it in their own image.  Failing that, they opposed the candidacy of President Donald Trump and continue to do so.  Now they are doing what so many “woke” corporations have done, adopting a fashion-statement issue in order to curry favor with the liberal establishment, to shield their corporate excesses from scrutiny.  They are hoping that people see the “good” they are doing in promoting a pro-criminal agenda and lay-off them when their petroleum centered business gets itself in trouble again.

So now you know why so many far-left Democrat Socialists have picked-up scores of “A” and “A+” from Americans for Prosperity’s latest score card.

Next week in Trenton: Marijuana and other shady stuff

Legalizing marijuana – including so-called “edibles” in the shapes of chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, cookies, and candies (in other words, attractive to young children) – is number one on the agenda of some Trenton Democrats.  The Senate Democrat leadership is pushing marijuana – in the midst of an opioid epidemic, no less – but an opposition of principled Democrats and Republicans, led by Senator Ron Rice (D-Newark) has formed and they are pushing back. 

Senator Rice, who was on the front lines defending America as a Marine in Vietnam and defending innocents as a police officer on the streets of Newark, now he has taken the point again and this victory, when it comes, will have been gained by his courage and leadership.  God bless Senator Ron Rice.

Now a new study supports Senator Rice and the bi-partisan coalition that has formed around him.  The study is by the leading psychiatric journal of the English-speaking world, The Lancet Psychiatry, a renowned peer-reviewed journal that is part of The Lancet, the world's most important medical journal.  You can access the study here:


Here's the takeaway…

Daily cannabis use was associated with increased odds of psychotic disorder compared with never users (adjusted odds ratio [OR] 3·2, 95% CI 2·2–4·1), increasing to nearly five-times increased odds for daily use of high-potency types of cannabis (4·8, 2·5–6·3).  

It's worth noting that what the authors call "high-potency cannabis" is flower marijuana (aka buds) with more than 10% THC. Most cannabis sold in legal U.S. dispensaries is about 20-25% THC. In other words, by American standards, the cutoff was actually quite low. Using that daily led to a fivefold increase in the risk of psychosis.

The other takeaway…

If high-potency cannabis were no longer available, 12% of cases of first-episode psychosis could be prevented... rising to 30% in London.

In other words, marijuana appears to be producing a measurable increase in the number of psychosis cases in Europe - 1/3 of all cases in London (where use patterns are most similar to the United States) are due to cannabis use. If that's correct, than legalization and the increased use it produces is even more of a public health disaster than we thought.

Maybe the most important comment on the study came from Dr. Adrian James, who is the Registrar of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British equivalent of the American Psychiatric Association:

“This is a good quality study and the results need to be taken seriously. Cannabis carries severe health risks and users have a higher chance of developing psychosis."


The Assembly will have a voting session on Monday, March 25, 2019.  Legalizing marijuana – including child-unfriendly “edibles” – is top on the agenda.  There will be individual Democrat and Republican caucus meetings at 11:00 AM.  The Assembly voting session will begin at 1:00 PM.  Citizens are urged to attend and observe this session.  The Senate is meeting the same day.  We will send out the Senate schedule over the weekend.  Here is the legislation up for consideration by the Assembly:

Seth Grossman on why the “Convention of the States” should concern us.

Our U.S. Constitution provides two methods to amend or change it. They are both found in Article V.   One is for 2/3 of both houses of Congress to propose amendments.   The other is for 2/3 of the State Legislatures to "call a Convention for proposing Amendments".  Amendments proposed by either method become effective "when ratified by the Legislatures of 3/4 of the states by Conventions in 3/4 thereof".

Our Constitution was amended 18 times since it was first adopted in 1787.   The first ten amendments were adopted together as our "Bill of Rights" in 1791.   It was then amended 17 times during the next 227 years.  Each of those 27 amendments was proposed by 2/3 of both houses of Congress.  So far, the states never called a "Convention of States" or "Constitutional Convention" to amend our Constitution.

During the past few years, several well known conservatives proposed a "Convention of States" (Constitutional Convention) to amend or change our Constitution.  They claim that such a convention can propose amendments with good ideas like term limits and limits on borrowing and spending. 

However,  Communists, socialists, and "progressive" Democrats also want to change our Constitution.   They are proposing many bad ideas.  They want to get rid of the First Amendment so that "hate speech" (speech by anyone who disagrees with them) can be punished like it is in Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  They want to get rid of the 2d Amendment and outlaw all private gun ownership.    They want to get rid of the 10th Amendment that limits the power of the federal government.  They want to get rid of the Electoral College so a handful of big, socialist "sanctuary states" like California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey can pick all future Presidents.

If we have a "Convention of States" to propose changes to our Constitution, who would control it?  Whose proposed amendments would come out of it?   Even if 3/4 of all states fail to ratify bad amendments, there will be enormous pressure to change the ratification process if the big socialist states with a majority of the population support them.    Look at how they are already undermining  the  Electoral College!

Since 2014, Legislatures in 29 states adopted resolutions calling for a "Convention of States" to change our Constitution. There will be a Constitutional Convention if 2/3 (34) or just 5 more states adopt the resolution.

Most conservatives agree that America was great when our Constitution was understood, respected, and enforced as written.   We also agree that most Senators, Members of Congress, Judges, and State and Local Officials today routinely ignore and violate our Constitution.   Why not work to elect officials who will  "preserve, protect, and defend" our Constitution?   If those officials ignore the clear written language of the Constitution we have now, why would they respect and comply with a different Constitution?

Last year, our organization LibertyAndProsperity.com voted overwhelmingly to oppose any "Convention of States".  However, during the past few breakfasts, several guests and members asked us to talk about this issue again.

For that reason, we are having a special two hour breakfast program on the Convention of States Issue this Saturday, March 23.  We will begin at our regular 9:30AM time.   There will be special video presentations and speakers during the first hour moderated by Steve Jones.     There will be an optional Question and Answer session and discussion for those who wish to stay during the next hour. from 10:30AM to 11:30AM.

If you like our work, please support us with a tax deductible donation or be a $30 per year supporting member.   Pay online at LibertyAndProsperity.com, or at any Saturday Breakfast Discussion.   Or mail or drop off your check at our Somers Point office.   Thanks!

For More Information contact:

Seth Grossman, Executive Director